New Bankruptcy Trustee in Cambridge

by J. Douglas Hoyes

Douglas Hoyes and Howard Hayes, Cambridge Bankruptcy Trustees

I am pleased to announce that Howard Hayes is the newest licensed bankruptcy trustee in Cambridge, Ontario.  Here’s the full story:

I have worked with Howard since I hired him in 2007 to work with me in Cambridge as a key member of the Hoyes Michalos team.  Since 2007 Howard has met with most people who have visited our office looking for help dealing with their debts.

We have literally worked “side by side”, as I have taught him everything I know about dealing with debt.  During those years, in addition to meeting with well over 3,000 people during the day, Howard has devoted his evenings and weekends to learning all of the technical aspects of insolvency law.

He has taken and passed all required courses.

In November, 2012 he passed the final Canadian National Insolvency Exam and was granted the initials “CIRP”, making him a Canadian Insolvency and Restructuring Professional.  The final written exam (where he scored a very high mark) was the easy part.

The final step in becoming a licensed bankruptcy trustee is to appear before the “Oral Board of Examiners”, a three person board consisting of a bankruptcy trustee, and insolvency lawyer, and a representative of the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.  Howard was given six written questions, and he was given exactly half an hour to read them, in private, and think about his answers.  He was then brought into the room with the three examiners, and he was given exactly one hour to verbally answer all six questions, in order, with no prompting from the examiners.

Think about that: you have devoted many years to “learning your craft”, and it all comes down to a one hour speech you give to industry experts on complex cases you first saw half an hour ago.

Needless to say Howard was successful, and the Government of Canada, through the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, granted him a license to practice as a bankruptcy trustee.

I am proud of Howard’s hard work, and I am excited that residents of Cambridge now have another fully qualified and experienced professional to help them find solutions to their debt problems.

(Of course there are lots of people that advertise that they can help you get out of debt, but how many of them have over five years experience, have passed numerous exams, can understand and explain all aspects of bankruptcy law, and have a government license to prove it?)

I said earlier that “I taught him everything I know”, and that’s true, but here’s the real secret:

I have learned more from Howard than he has learned from me.

Howard Hayes in Action

Howard has a very friendly and personal way of making everyone feel comfortable, while explaining their options in easy to understand English (which makes sense, since he was born in England).  I have watched his approach, and I have incorporated his easy to understand way of speaking in my dealings with people I meet with to solve their debt problems.

Howard is also our firm’s technology expert.  He taught me how to use Twitter (you can follow him @howardmhayes) and he is also very active on Google Plus (follow Howard Hayes on Google Plus).  He is also a prolific blogger; you can read his regular thoughts on the Howard Hayes Bankruptcy Cambridge website.


He also designed the spreadsheet I use 10 times a day to instantly calculate the projected cost of a bankruptcy based on your income and family size, and also calculate whether or not a consumer proposal is a better option for you.  Howard’s spreadsheet makes the process easy, and we can give you an easy-to-understand printout of the results.

Howard is an expert with numbers and technology, but most importantly he is an expert with people, and that’s why I am proud that he will be assuming a greater leadership role in Cambridge.  I will still be around, but Howard is now “driving the bus”, serving everyone who requires our help in Cambridge.

To meet with Cambridge’s newest trustee, give us a call in Cambridge at 519-622-3773, or contact us by completing the form on the right hand side of this page, and let’s get started.

Congratulations Howard!



Douglas Hoyes is the co-founder of Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc., Ontario's largest independent personal insolvency firm, and the trustee responsible for the Hoyes Michalos Cambridge office.

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