Cambridge Times Rotary Classic 5 km Fun Run – 2012 Edition

by J. Douglas Hoyes

For over ten years Hoyes, Michalos & Associates has sponsored the Cambridge Times Rotary Classic Fun Run, held the last Sunday of May each year, with the start/finish line just a short walk from my Cambridge office.

In 2010 we entered a team of nine people, as I described in my post about the Cambridge Times Rotary Classic – Sponsored by a Local Team.  I wrote that post to make the point that my firm is a local firm; we are not based in Toronto, or California. Last year we had a large team, and we are planning for even more participants this year.

Before the Race

As I was going through the files on my computer I found some pictures of the race in 2004 (although back then I didn’t run the 5km race; I walked the 2.5 km walk with my family).

Back then my boys had quite a lot of fun.

Before the race it was all smiles and fun.  There’s nothing more fun than being outside on a warm May day; what’s not to like?

The Cambridge race is well organized, thanks to the great volunteers, and the race raises money for Kids Ability and their Centre for Child Development right here in Cambridge.  It’s a great resource for children and parents.

The finish line is a fun place; my boys were amazed that you can just dump out your water if you want; they aren’t allowed to do that at home!

At the Finish Line

The Food is the Best Part

The finish line is a tough place when your Hoyes Michalos hat is too big for your head!

If you ask any participant under the age of 10, I’m sure they’ll tell you that the race was fun, but it was even more fun to drink fruit juice and eat chips after the race!

It’s not just chips; as I recall each of the boys had consumed a hot dog, or hamburger, or something else before they got to dessert.

These pictures were taken eight years ago; my boys are teenagers now, and yes, they still love to eat!

One final picture:

Here’s a picture you won’t see today from teenagers, but little kids are so happy after a bag of chips they can’t contain themselves:

The race this year will be just as fun, so if you want a fun morning out with your family, and some exercise, and if you want to raise money for a good cause, I look forward to seeing you there!



Douglas Hoyes is the co-founder of Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc., Ontario's largest independent personal insolvency firm, and the trustee responsible for the Hoyes Michalos Cambridge office.

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